Friday, January 13, 2012


My dear little grand-daughter, now 11, created this fantastic assemblage at a school holiday play day yesterday. She mainly used old broken toys and a hot glue gun ( for the first time). It sits on a toy tambourine which is 31 yrs old.....same age as her mother!....a bit of serendipity as well as creativity!!

 I think it's FABULOUS  (I'm not at all BIASED...vbg) and I hope you all find it that also....and be sweet enuff to leave a cawment on it...she would be thrilled!
Dr. Music


Hardwick Creations said...

What a clever little granddaughter! I love a little creative soul muse-ic.

Lucy said...

Fabulous Barb, looks like she has inherited her Nans artistic genes!
Hugs Lucy

Barb said...

Thank-you ladies....
I had fun making it.It was the most fun I have had playing with old broken toys that no-one wants.

Love Mikayla
a.k.a: nanny's little helper

Viv's Visuals said...

Dear Mikayla

Nanny should become 'Mikayla's Little Helper' I think!
This is just brilliant. I love him - the headphones and stethescope are perfect!
Well done to you and hope to see you keeping on creating.

Glenda said...

Hey Mikayla
That is fantastic. I love your Mr Muse-ic. Glad to see you using Nanny's talents and stash.

Aimeslee said...

Dear Mikayla,
Love your name. I almost named our daughter Katy, Mikayla (her dad's name is Michael). At the time there was a tv show on named Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman and her first name was Mikayla. So, I love that name!!!
And your assemblage is quite clever and smart and kind to the earth. Just think, if you develop a liking for recycling stuff to make art, you always have supplies! teehee winkwink

Anonymous said...

Sear Aimeslee,
Thank you for the cawment. I made it at a fun day. You had to make something out of JUNK or toys that no-one wanted.
For EG I made D.r muse-ic when other people made bad things like spider-girl or saw-eye.I shouldn't call them bad I should just call them unoriginal.They tried there best.;D.I did think some were nice.


Angelica said...

Really Cool!! Makes me want to find my old toys and give them new a new life!!!

Kimberly Gruber said...

Hi Barb, you have a wonderful blog! I just love all your ATC's!! You also have a very creative granddaughter, looks like she has your gifts.

Thank you for stopping by my blog and taking the time to comment on my art. It means alot coming from an artist as talented as you are!

Carole said...

an artist in the making..very good!

abby j said...

Dr.Music is a very clever assemblage. I'm please that you chose to share it with us!! Thanks to you and your granddaughter. I wish her luck and that same imaginative spark in her art throughout her life!! She's wonderful, her Grammie!! :o)
Sending hugs...


Hi Mikayla
OMG I love this arty doll you made...well done girl and keep creating!!