Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Barb - Broken and Unbowed

I am doing a 'guest' spot here to update Barb's friends and followers to  her status after her car accident last week.

Barb, along with myself, Glenda and Lucy spent a lovely three days up at Tocumwal on the Murray arting and enjoying each others company.. Monday morning Glenda, Lucy and I headed to Melbourne and home, and Barb headed off to Bendigo to spend some time with her parents

Glenda, Barb, Lucy, Bevlea

About half an hour out of Bendigo Barb had a horrific head on with a fully laden B-Double (semi towing another load).  Her Rav 4 is a complete write off, but luckily all the angels and side airbags were on her side, and she has survived to tell the tale.

photo courtesy Bendigo News

She was airlifted to the Alfred Hospital in Melbourne suffering from a broken leg, wrist, sternum, shoulder blade and large gash on stomach.  She now has a plate in her leg and has been transferred this week to Epworth Rehabilitation.  Today is her birthday, so thanks to the girls on PaperArts, Lucy and I went in to visit her with some goodies that I purchased from the collection that was taken up.

Opening the gift with Lucy
We took in 12 helium balloons - one from each person who contibuted, a beautiful hat box filled with shampoo, conditioner, deoderant, tissues, bath sponge, perfume (So Lovely by Sarah Jessica Parker), a nice new nightie and a bigggggg box of choccies

at least she still has her sense of humour!


Glenda said...

Hi Barby girl-friend, so sorry to see you bashed up like this, but you will be out and about in no time, keep ya fighting spirit up. I will get to see you ASAP. Those choccy's look yummy.
So altho not the best of places to have your birthday I wish you the best of all things for today and the days to come. Love ya.

Lucy said...

Great post Bevlea. It was lovely to see Barb looking & feeling a little better.
Her eyes certainly lit up when we arrived with the balloons & gifts!
The huge box of chocolates really lifted her spirits, even though she may need to start dieting when she leaves rehab!LOLOL!
Hugs Lucy

Hardwick Creations said...

Great to see you tucking into the chockies Barb. Hope your recovery is swift so you can get back home to the people you love and back to some crafting. xxx

bockel24 said...

Thanks for this post, Bevlea, it´s good to see she´s "well" after that terrible accident.
Barb, I hope you´ll have lots of mail, emails, and gifts, so that today looks a bit like a birthday to you!

abby j said...

Oooooh Barb,

Looks like you're in pretty good spirits considering your trauma... wishing you lots of healing love and good wishes... and friends to help you along that road. Looks like the friends thing is covered! {BIG SMILE}

Big (but gentle) Hugs,

Ann said...

Wishes for a Happy Natal Anniversary...........
so very sorry to hear about this accident!
so very glad you are "ok"..ok sounds weird when you are suffering from a broken leg,wrist,sternum,shoulder blade and a stomach gash!! Bless your heart..so glad the angels were watching over you!
prayers for a quick recovery !!!
the chocolates look sooooooooooo good and the balloons so cheerful!!
hugs fro Southern California..USA

kelsey said...

So good to see you're still in one piece Barb, albiet a little banged up. This will certainly be a birthday to remember huh! Sending you get well wishes & hugs across the Nullabor and hope it's not too long before you're back on your feet again. Love & hugs to you.