Wednesday, June 27, 2012


I started playing around with this little darling before I had my accident . She was so patient waiting for my return without a whinge or whine, that I decided that she needed to be finished and given flight....vbg.


I made her wings out of Coca Cola cans, ran them through the Cuttlebug then alcohol inked them. The cage was bought as a Christmas decoration and the arms and head are genuine, dug-out-of-the-ground German china doll parts. The arms are wired on and the head is glued on with Selley's ALL FIX....strong enough to stick anything to anything!

When I was a child, about 10 years old, my mother bought my sister and I a little twin blue-bird brooch each. The birds on each brooch were individual brooches but were joined together by a chain. Somewhere, somehow, these brooches disappeared so I was delighted to find one of them in an op shop not long ago. (Aaah...memories of long ago are still with me but my short term memory is SHOT TO PIECES!!!...LOL)
I attached one of the blue birdies by wire inside the cage and saved the other for another future project. I adhered a "mushroom" birdie to a nest of blue eggs ( redleadpaperworks ) and adhered it to the bottom of the "cage".  She wears a paper flower collar, decorated with rhinestones...and of course, a feather in her musical cap, which I made by covering a Christmas/New Year streamer popper casing! (I can usually find a use for nearly EVERYTHING!!)


Hermine said...

This is absolutely gorgeous, love it. And browsing through your blog I saw your car accident, oh my gosh its defintely a miracle you survived that crash!

Glenda said...

I love it Barb and am so glad that you are back home in your own space.
hugsssss G

Marcy Smith said...

I love her to bits shes something borrowed/found and something blue and she has a presence that evokes a pleasent journey down memory lane. Not to mention shes TRICKY!!! Just perfect!!!

Marcy Smith said...

AWWW I love her shes amazing something borrowed/found something blue
plus a prompt
to a special childhood memory of you!
Shes perfect!xxx

Barb said...

Amazing, thanks for sharing,